Identifying New Product Opportunities

There are various ways to identify New Product Opportunities

  • Identify changes in user lifestyles, demography.
  • Identify frustrations with the existing product.
  • Identify innovations of lead users of the product.
  • Identify blank spaces in the buyer utility map.
  • Regularly Learning from competitors’ Products can also help you identify new Product Opportunities.

I remember the engineering days when I was able to build Apps and Websites for others I always thought why Cant I build something for myself? Why not a startup? But then I realize startup is not just about building the Product from an Engineering perspective. Looking at the Business…

Imposter Syndrome: Yes, it is easy to overcome

Do you ever feel that the job you have is because of your luck and not because you are talented?

You feel like you are a fraud!

You don’t feel great for being appreciated for your success because you think that you…

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