Grab Job Opportunities as a Fresh College Graduate from a Tier 3 Engineering College

Are you someone looking for a job in the field of Software Engineering(with a decent salary) but did not work hard enough in college to make a decent CV!

Are you someone who landed in a college that do not provide great job opportunities but you have worked on your problem-solving skills(Aptitude, Puzzle, Coding)!

The Phase we all go through in our Life!

The first question that comes up in our mind while applying for a job is How will my profile get shortlisted for an interview.

In this blog, I will help you to know about some of the common ways by which you can easily schedule a job interview.

PS: I have not personally tried out these options as I already had an Offer but I have seen some of my friends getting placed with a very good salary. These ways do not guarantee a job as it depends on your skills and abilities to crack an interview but these ways can surely help you land an interview call.

  1. Elitmus:

I will suggest this to be one of the best options to get an interview call. There are a lot of companies registered on Elitmus that hire freshers based on the PH score. PH Score is the score that you get after appearing for the test conducted by Elitmus. Based on this score your profile will be shared with the companies. 90+ percentile is considered to be a very good score to get shortlisted for most of the companies.

Screenshot of Few Companies Hiring through Elitmus

Link to the website: Here

How to prepare for Elitmus: Though there is no special preparation for this still I will recommend brushing up your basics.

Link to the entire syllabus and weitage of Topics: How to prepare for Elitmus

After a good PH score, most of the companies schedule a coding round(online or Offline) and then further face to face interview(Technical and HR). Be thorough with the computer science subjects(OS, DBMS, Data Structures and Algorithm(V. IMP), Computer Networks). Having personal projects will be a cherry on the cake but no worries if you do not have it make sure you are good at problem-solving(Puzzle and Coding)!

2. My Anatomy

Link to the Website: Register Here . You will get a mail alert whenever there will be a hiring round scheduled on My Anatomy. If you clear the round you might be called for further rounds depending on the company.

3. Amcat

The job offer posted on AMCAT is slightly lower in terms of salary but easier as compared to Elitmus. There is Non-Technical Profiles available as well on AMCAT. Link to The Website. First You have to appear for a test and then AMCAT Will share your profile with the companies based on your percentile.

Screenshot of Jobs posted on AMCAT

4. Freshersworld

Link to the website: Here

All the off-campus drive is uploaded on this website. You can register here and you will get a mail notification based on your preferences.

Screenshot of Jobs posted on Freshersworld

5. LinkedIn (My Favourite ;))

This is a website that can not be ignored when talking about jobs. The power of Linkedin is immense and cannot be described in a single blog :P)

Link to the website: Here Go to the job Section and apply for the jobs you want to apply. This process is time taking but smart applications will surely land you in your dream job :) )

The Job Section of Linkedin

Last but not least, Patience and Smart Work is the key to land your dream Job. If you are getting rejected stay calm and see where you are lacking and work on those areas. Don't Give Up. Good things take a lot of time to come and it is worth the wait! I know rejections Hurt but it transforms you to the best version of YOU!

All the Best for your Interview! If you have any further question or if you know about any other methods please feel free to comment!

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